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Understanding Probation Violations in the El Paso Area

Individuals who have been accused of a crime may be placed on probation for a determined period of time. Although the conditions of the probation vary on a case by case basis, individuals may be required to undergo counseling, partake in community service and counseling, pay fines and report to a probation officer. In some instances, individuals may shorten their jail term by being put on probation. In other instances, probation may be an available option instead of going to jail. Regardless of the conditions, probation must be taken seriously. Failing to do so could lead to heavy fines and jail time. Sergio Coronado Law is able to help people who are facing probation violation issues.


What Is Probation and How Can You Violate It?

Judges grant probation in order to release a defendant who has been convicted of a crime back into the community, all under certain restrictions. Probation is not guaranteed and every case is different. Conditions such as mandatory drug tests, meetings with probation officers, electronic monitoring systems and more can be implemented as part of the defendant’s probation. Failing to adhere to the conditions set forth by the judge can lead to a variety of negative consequences. Some consequences may be lenient and light while others can be drastic and detrimental, depending on the severity of the violation or original offense. The following are some of the most common consequences for probation violations:

  • A Warning

  • A probation hearing

  • Additional probation terms

  • Fines

  • Jail Time


    Probation Violations

    Simply put, a probation violation can occur when a defendant ignores, refuses, or breaks the terms set in place by his or her probation during the probation period. In general, probation periods tend to last 1 to 3 years but they may last longer depending on the severity of the original offense. Missing a scheduled court date, not reporting to the probation officer on schedule, traveling out of state with the probation officer’s permission, using illegal drugs, committing other crimes or getting arrested are all examples of probation violation.


    How To Modify or Terminate Your Probation

    Although probation allows defendants to avoid jail time, the conditions will make living a normal life difficult. With the help of a skilled lawyer, defendants may be able to modify or terminate their probation early. Although it may be an uphill battle, the mere act of seeking legal assistance can pave the way for a reduced probation sentence. Since Sergio Coronado Law has been serving the Southwest for nearly 30 years, you can trust our team with your case. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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