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Self Defense in the Southwest: When Is It Necessary?

Although El Paso constantly ranks as one of the safest cities in the country, it’s important for residents of the Southwest to be aware of their surroundings. You’re justified in using force against an individual who was entering or attempting to enter your home, place of business, or vehicle, for example. There are many instances in which self defense becomes the only option for individuals to protect themselves from harm, theft, or even death. After it’s all said and done, however, it may be difficult to establish that self defense was necessary in the event. In these instances, the person using self defense may find themselves facing assault or even manslaughter charges. For this reason, it’s necessary for you to team up with a defense lawyer. Sergio Coronado Law offers self defense legal assistance to individuals in the Southwest.


Understanding Self Defense

In Texas, individuals are able to use self defense in order to protect themselves or others from potential threats. The individual employing self defense (known as the “actor”) must only use force if it is immediately necessary. Instances in which an individual forces unlawful entry into the actor’s home, vehicle, or place of business can lead to force, be it deadly or not, to be used in self defense. If the person against whom force was used was committing or attempting to commit crimes such as aggravated kidnapping, murder, aggravated sexual assault, or robbery, then the actor’s use of force in self defense will be justified.


The Use of Deadly Force

Deadly force may be used if the actor was protecting him or herself from the other individual’s use of unlawful, deadly force. People can use force or deadly force against another individual in order to protect a third person, as well. Although this doesn’t necessarily constitute as “self defense,” it falls within the same category. In order for this action to be lawful, the actor must reasonably believe that his or her intervention is immediately necessary in order to protect the third person.


What Doesn’t Constitute As Self Defense

Self defense isn’t a catch-all term. In fact, there are many instances where self defense are not justified. If a defendant decides to employ “self defense” solely as a response to verbal provocation, the defendant may be charged with assault or battery. Since there’s a thin line between situations that justify self defense and those that don’t, it’s necessary for you to team up with Sergio Coronado Law. We can guide your case accordingly so you will be able to live free while the individual who caused you to use force will face the necessary consequences.


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